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Never buy, store, wash, dry or iron your bed linen and towelling again!

White Bed linen

Luxury Bedroom Linen Packs

Just like a 5-star hotel, our luxurious, white bed linen is beautiful to sleep on and laundered to perfection.... Owning sheets can be a pain - from storing, to keeping them bright, and ironing them if you like them just right. With Rinse & Repeat, you don't have any of the pain and you always have perfect sheets. Visit our Hire Shop to subscribe today!

Clean household items made simple

woman and child in white bed

Convenience Delivered

Delivered to your home or concierge, indulge in fresh, white, luxurious bed linen and/or bathroom items for the week.

White shirt being washed

Thorough Cleaning

Your linen will always be bright, sanitised and deeply cleaned in our commercial grade washers and dryers. Our chemicals and allergy and sensitive skin safe.

White bed linen

Luxe Bedding & Towelling

Our bedding and towelling is just as high quality as you’d find in a luxury hotel with a clean white modern and minimal design.

housekeeper delivering white towels

Perfectly pressed & Packed

We understand that sheets are hard to press and fold. With a subscription, you don't have to worry. We iron and pack your items weekly for your delivery.

White bed linen

Luxury Bed, Bath & Table Subscriptions

Fresh, white, luxurious bed linen and towels delivered to your door. Our beautiful linen packages offer hotel-like-living in the comfort of your own home.

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