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The Importance of Washing Your Winter Blankets before Storage

Spring has sprung! Winter has finally come to an end, and you may be starting to put away all your winter blankets and heavier doona’s. Before you start your spring clean, it is essential that all your blankets and doonas get a thorough clean before they go back into storage and here is why:

Dust Mites:

Did you know dust mites are more common in winter? Decreased ventilation is an excellent breeding ground for these critters and may be the cause of your winter running nose or itchy eyes. But there is one other place dust mites love to be, and that is in your hot garage or in a stuffy box.

Animal Hair:

Cuddling up with your cats or dogs during winter can keep you and your furry friends warm during the colds nights. It also means there will be a lot of animal hair on your blankets and doonas, which will need to be properly washed before storing them away.

Sweat, Fluids, and Oils:

Even if you shower before bed, your sweat, body fluids, and body/hair oils will still make their way to your doona. Perspiration can also attract adult moths, so cleaning your garments before storage is essential.

So now you know why it is important to wash your blankets and doonas before storage, what should you do now? At Rinse & Repeat our commercial machines are big enough to clean your super king doona’s effectively and if it needs dry cleaning we can do that too. Our machines can heat up to 70 degrees to rid harder to wash items and help kill parasites. The convenience of auto injected detergents and softeners creates less hassle for you and ensures your garments are receiving the correct amount of detergent.

Don't have time to do the washing? See our Drop & Go Prices here. This service is available at both Morayfield & Ascot Locations. We hope to see you soon!


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