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How to Wash Linen

Linen is a must in our Australian environment as it is a light weight, breathable fabric. Because we want to live in them all through summer, it is essential to follow these easy tips to ensure your linen is being washed correctly.

Read the Label

If you’re unsure how to wash your linen, the first thing to do is to read the label. Linen is a natural fabric which is more durable and stronger than cotton but still breathable. Your linen clothes might be dyed or blended with other materials, which may change the appropriate care for them. Most pure linen clothes can be machine washed, however, if it’s blended or has lining or a trim in a different fabric, it may need to be dry cleaned instead.

In the Machine

If your linen shirt, trousers, blazer or dress are machine washable, it’s best to wash them on a cold wash or a delicate cycle. When washing linen clothes by machine, ensure not to overload the washer as linen needs to move freely to prevent tangling. Lastly, ensure other clothes in the wash are a similar colour.

Alternative Linen Cleaning

A hand wash may be more suitable if your linen fabric has a loose weave, or is blended with another material which isn’t machine washable. Use cool water and a gentle detergent to wash clothes carefully in a bucket using a swishing motions: avoid wringing or scrubbing the fabric as this can damage the fibre.

Drying your Linen

If your linen is machine washable, it may also be suitable for tumble-drying. For best results, use a low temperature and remove from dryer while it’s still damp, to avoid stiffness. Finish drying on a clothes airier, or a washing line.

Longer Lasting Linen

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